Persnickety Painting - Creative Solutions for Themed Rooms & More
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Persnickety Painting creates artistic and innovative solutions for themed rooms, faux finishes, repurposed furniture, décor and accessories. Holly Harper, Persnickety’s owner, operator, painter and artisan, will work with you to create a design project or themed room you will love on a budget that you can afford. Whether you want to do the work yourself with a guiding hand, or you want to come home to a finished masterpiece, Persnickety offers a variety of working methods, consulting options, DIY classes, faux processes and repurposing techniques to produce a finished design project, on budget, that you’ll be happy to call your own.

Whether we are repurposing a garage-sale-find-dresser for your entry way or restoring an entire Victorian era home to its original splendor, Persnickety will do just as its name states, showing careful attention to detail in every aspect and step of the project. Our mission is to provide the highest quality finished projects for your home or business. We use the best paints, finishes and techniques to ensure your masterpiece will last a lifetime. Should you ever decide you want to update your themed room or repurposed piece, we’ll be here to assist you with that as well.

Are you ready to change up that boring counter top, table or room? We’re ready to help! Contact us today to see what we can do to help you love your spaces, places and décor pieces.

Themed Rooms

Themed Rooms or spaces can be as imaginative and creative as you can dream, or better yet, as Holly can dream! Does your child love fairy tales? Why not have Holly turn their room into a fairy tale dream land! Maybe you’re a fan of the beach, and you want your own personal beach-retreat in your bathroom. Holly can make it happen and with a price tag you’ll love. Persnickety dreams big when it comes to themed rooms. Through the use of recycled and repurposed materials, mixed media, one-of-a-kind finds and years of expertise, Holly creates remarkable spaces. If you’ve got an idea for a themed room, Persnickety can make it a reality!


Persnickety has a knack for turning trash into treasure. We recycle and repurpose many furniture and décor accessories by updating their appearance and functionality. Are you looking for a specific piece of furniture or décor item that you just can’t find? Persnickety can find the right item, at a bargain price, and update it to match your style. Or maybe you are wanting an entire, theme-based room, but you don’t even know where to get started or what you’ll need. Persnickety can with that too by reusing, repainting and repurposing to create a stunning, usable space you’ll love. The best part about our repurposed projects and themed rooms is that they save you money! We’ll never use unnecessary materials or waste even a drop of paint throughout the entire project. Why buy new when you can update the existing!


“Faux” refers to a variety of painting, plaster, cement and various other techniques that mimic the look of other materials like wood, marble, brick, metal, and stone and can be applied as a decorative finish to walls, furniture, exterior surfaces, countertops, decorative accessories and more. This is a great way to update a space without spending gobs of money. Rather than replacing a well-loved countertop or a worn out fireplace mantel, Persnickety can renew and transform them by using various faux techniques into the elegant statement piece you’ve always envisioned.


Persnickety offers consulting, classes and clinics for a variety of faux and repurposing techniques. Whether you’re just starting out as a DIYer, or you’re an expert looking to learn some new methods, we’re here to guide and support you in your DIY education. Our goal in teaching is for you to love faux painting and repurposing as much as we do!


Are you looking for a DIY teacher? Someone to show you how and where to get started with your repurposing or faux project? Holly Harper with Persnickety is here to consult, assist, teach and mentor you in all of your Do It Yourself endeavors. Whether you are wanting to learn how to refinish your counter top to look like a marble masterpiece or you’ve found the perfect decorative item at an estate sale that just needs a little love, Holly can help you with your DIY project. If you’ve got a few friends that are interested in learning the same DIY project as you, Persnickety host’s DIY clinics and classes. You and your friends will love a day of DIY with Holly. Contact us to learn more.


Do you have a great thrift store find you’ve been wanting to spruce up? Did Pinterest inspiration strike again and you’ve found a great counter top painting technique you would love to try, but you know you’ll never have the time? Persnickety is here to help! Show us your vision, your dream, your Pinterest board…And we’ll make it a reality by rejuvenating those timeless pieces and well-loved rooms for you. We’ll do what you don’t have time to, making your old, new while visually appealing to your flair as well as functionally appealing to your lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about our “do it for you” design projects.